Friday, February 12, 2010

Tonight, my hubby and I watched the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies. This is a difference between us...I love the Summer Olympics and he loves the Winter Olympics. Don't get us wrong, we do really like to watch both, but those are our preferences. I will tell you, after watching all the scenes of Vancouver...I would love to visit or maybe live there. My mother and father in law visited there this past summer and their comment was, "We can't let Matt and Jodi come here because they'll stay."
Matt's comment as the opening ceremonies began was "I think I should work from home this week so I can watch the Olympics."
The Canadians did an amazing job. I think they knew it would be tough to follow up after Beijing's Opening Ceremonies, but I think they did a fabulous job.
The grand opening was the "We Are the World" Premiere. I love this song and think it has so much meaning to it. I love the old version, and it still is my favorite but I thought they did a good job at redoing it. Click here to see it if you haven't yet.

Favorite parts of the Opening Ceremonies:
1. The whales that turned into salmon (this was the coolest part)
2. The totem poles that rose from the ground
3. The snowboarder opening the ceremony
4. Canada's mittens with the Maple Leaf in the palm of their hands
5. The red dress that the singer wore that sang "Oh Canada"
6. The cloth that was raised to make a mountain
7. The poem at the end was amazing. It made Matt and I want to be a Canadian. We loved the line "We are please and thank you." I love that they can define themselves by being polite. I don't think that is what America would be able to say.

My last thought for the Olympics...How do you get on the Olympic planning committee when it comes to your city? I think that would be a very cool committee to be a part of.

Good night and enjoy the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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Miller Racing Family said...

We are joining you in the Olympic excitement. Trey and I both loved the opening ceremony. Trey loved when all of the countries came in with their flags. I love the opening event with the snowboarder.
You will have to come back on Wednesday and see how we have been hosting our own Olympics.
Happy Valentine's weekend!