Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today we went down to Crown Center to enjoy the Fairy Tale Village. It is super cute, but there were A LOT of people there. We got down there around 10:30 and by 11:00, they had already let 800 people in! Needless to say, it was very crowded and a little overwhelming to John. We are thinking we might go down again on a week day, maybe after the baby is born and I am on maternity leave. Here are some pictures of today...

John did not like the Wolf's voice in the 3 Little Pigs house.

He wasn't too sure about the pigs either.

Very pregnant mommy and John

He really liked the Crayola store. He colored, picked out things he liked and played with the wheels that turn. He ended up with triangle shaped crayons (helps with writing skills) and dry erase crayons (an amazing thing!)

Getting ready for the baby...John and Daddy putting the car seat back together after washing it.

Update on new baby...
We are still waiting for the little one. Yesterday I ate spicy food and took a 3 hour walk... didn't seem to help. On my 3 hour walk, my mother in law, my mom and I saw this other lady who was pregnant walking. We stopped to talk to her and she is a week overdue. I guess I shouldn't complain. I hope she had her baby last night. Some people told me to drink Castro Oil but after looking up information about it, I decided I wasn't that desperate. I did have contractions last night for a few hours, but they stopped. Today I haven't had hardly any contractions but I have been very tired. Yet, the tiredness has not kept me from getting my whole house clean, straightening the basement storage and finding more things for the little one. My parents left tonight around 7:00. They stayed as long as they could but have traveled back to Houston to be at church tomorrow.

I won't lie...I am dreading having to go back to work on Monday. I had it set in my mind that I was finished for 6 weeks. However, it is looking like I will be back...which isn't a bad thing. I will get to meet my long term maternity sub, get another week of MAP prep in and see my darling students for another 5 days...then it is Spring Break.
One more is a full moon tomorrow...they say crazy things happen on those nights. I guess we'll see.


Whitney Richeson said...

I bet he or she will come tomorrow. Nurses swear that a full moon does crazy things! I am thinking of you and I would love to see you Monday but I understand how you are dreading coming back. If there is anything I can do next week let me know!

Miller Racing Family said...

Bless your heart. I hope the little comes soon.
Trey was two weeks over due and sorry to say nothing worked. Let me tell you we tried everything even the Castro Oil. Donnie did come by Castro Oil and my doctor had all three of her kids by it, but Trey didn't care. I think the only thing the Castro Oil did was clean out my system. Since I did it I have heard of at least two other women doing it and it having so effect, so I wouldn't waste my time or energy.
Hope you have a great Sunday!