Sunday, February 28, 2010

Story of the night:
We were eating dinner, just like any normal family would on a Sunday evening. John got finished before we did, so we let him out of his high chair. Matt and I were having a good conversation when we saw John wanting his shirt off. It was a little wet, so Matt took it off. Next thing we know, John has pulled his pants completely off, next his socks, and then the diaper. He was completely naked standing in the kitchen. I asked him if he needed to go potty, he said "NO". He pulled on Matt until he got up. John led him into the bathroom and announced, "BATH!" Matt said, "No, not yet." John whined a bit and then came into the kitchen. He saw I was eating peas, and he loves peas. So the dinner ended up with John, stark naked on my lap, eating peas...yet, then he went on to pretend the peas were cars and he would make a crashing sound when they ran into each other. OH...what a boy!

Below are pictures of John with his "silkies". He loves his silky blanket, as well as my 2 silky robes. Tonight he felt he needed all three to carry around and lay on.

Lately I have been hearing through books, sermons and talks, about being more intentional. I have been working on this for a while now, especially when spending time with John. Tonight, as I did the dishes, I tried to be intentional. I reflected on what I had heard and talked about today. I also said a prayer of what was on my mind...going back to school tomorrow still pregnant. I have come to an understanding that the baby just isn't ready yet. I just got my hopes up so much last week when all the craziness started and I really thought I would have a baby by now. I know that it isn't about my timing, but God's timing. I also know that the baby will come and it will be a true bundle of joy. This is what I came to conclusion of while doing the dishes. I must say, I was surprised when I already had the kitchen clean when I finished reflecting and being intentional. I hope that I can continue doing this throughout the next couple of weeks. I would like for it to become something that I do on a continuous basis.

Have a great Monday!

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