Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Remember climbing up in tree houses when you were a child? I always wanted a tree house but never had one. Well...tonight I found cottages that are tree houses in Eureka Springs! They are beautiful. If you click on the picture of the tree house, it takes you to the website. They have all kinds of accommodations and beautiful hiking trails all around them. One of the accommodations they have is that there is cinnamon and pumpkin bread waiting for you in the kitchen. They also have fresh flowers awaiting you. I am a sucker for food and flowers. The bedroom, kitchen and bathroom (jacuzzi's!!!) all look out into the trees and the landscape. It looks beautiful!

Why am I looking these things up you may ask? About 8 weeks after John was born, Matt and I stayed in a bed and breakfast in Liberty and left John with his mom and dad. It was a wonderful, little get away for us, especially with just having a child and me starting back to work. My thought is that we could meet up with my parents, drop the kiddos off with them and head down to Eureka Springs.

I went to Eureka Springs when I was really young and I barely remember it. I have always wanted to go back there and see it. I hear it is beautiful. Hmmm....this plan is sounding better and better.


Katie said...

Sounds VERY good - nice find!

Miller Racing Family said...

I have a friend that has went to these tree houses and said they were wonderful. She did say book in advance as they fill up fast.
Hope you are having a get day!