Tuesday, February 16, 2010

John so badly wants to play outside. When the sun is shining, he goes to the window and says "outside". Poor guy...I hope that it gets warm soon.
My darling is doing some new things in the past couple of days:
1. He is starting to pretend more. He has always pretended driving cars and helicopters, but this past couple of days he has pretended to feed Matt and I something from a plate and spoon. He says "Yum Yum" when he puts the spoon to our mouths. Tonight in the tub, he had his little people lined up on the edge of the tub and it was like he was having them have conversations with each other. It's neat to see these little things as he grows.
2. PHRASES!!! He is starting to say more phrases, such as "More please", or "Get up", "I done". He is working on "love you". It is almost there. It is amazing to see his vocabulary growing each day.

Yesterday I made waffles. I have always used Bisquick and thought they tasted heavy. So I made them from scratch. However, instead of using milk, I used water thinking that it would make them lighter. They were a little too thin, so I guess I'll try half milk and half water. Any suggestions???

Update on the baby: I went to the doctor today and I am still at 1 cm. Which kind of surprised me but then I came to my senses and thought, "I was at a 1 with John for almost 3 weeks". Anyway...the doctor said that everything looks good. Baby's head is down and everything seems ready to go. I need to be drinking 8 oz of water an hour...YIKES! That is a lot of water! She also said that I didn't need to stay off my feet unless it is for comfort. (Last week, her orders were to stay off my feet as much as possible.) She said she wanted me to get to at least 36 weeks...so I am there! When this baby is ready to come...there is no stopping it!
Getting close...


LeAnn said...

love the pictures--hard to read the purple print love Mom

Miller Racing Family said...

Oh, little boys and their imagination. Trey has three invisible friends that he pretends with all the time. Which is fine with us until we get in public and we have to buckle the invisible friends into the Walmart blue carts. Let's just say we get some looks when we say now Cunen get in and sit down. Read this post to learn more about the friends, it will crack you up. http://millerracingfamily.blogspot.com/2009/02/friends.html
Great news about the baby!

Katie said...

Here is a waffle recipe that looks yummy I saw online... seems a bit time consuming but could be worth it??? Maybe we can do a breakfast for dinner night sometime soon and try it.


Sarah said...

isn't skim milk, like milk and water! ha! I just use soy for everything...And I agree with mom on the purple print, it took me like 3x as long to read..not a criticizm...i just felt like my brain was bleeding.
Love you and miss you! THanks for posting so I can see what is going on in your life...also, I got to see John 2x last week!