Monday, February 15, 2010

As some of you know...there was no blogging last night. I missed my first day this year and I was totally bummed this morning when I woke up. HOWEVER...I do have an excuse (I hate it when my students say that...but I am going to do it anyway). I was having contractions last night for about 3 hours. It started at Wendi's (Matt's sister) birthday party and lasted until after we arrived home. They actually stopped as soon as my hospital bag was packed...go figure. Anyway, they started at being 20 min. apart and by the end were at about 9 min. apart. I thought that we might just be having a baby last night. My original due date is Thursday, Feb. 18th and I am wondering if maybe it shouldn't have changed. I have a dr. appointment tomorrow, so we will see what she says. OH...back to me not blogging. The contractions stopped around 10 and I was exhausted from all the pain and wondering if this was the real deal, that I collapsed in bed. As soon as I had my head on that pillow...I was out. I did wake up in the middle of the night, thinking, "I didn't blog" but I didn't have the energy to get up.

SO...I have put extra pictures up tonight. I guess to make up for last night. So enjoy!

Celebrating Wendi's Birthday! Luke did an excellent job at helping open gifts.

John smiling for the camera while he at lunch.

John had a dr. appointment today since he has turned 18 months. He wore his Sesame Street Live shirt to the dr. office and showed it off to EVERYONE! He kept pointing out Elmo and Cookie Monster (Cookie is what he says). Here he is showing it off at the dinner table. The dr. visit went well. He weighs 26 lbs and 14 oz. A little less than when we were there last but the dr. said that is okay because he is 33 inches long! He has reached almost all of the 2 year old mile stones already so that was exciting news. The only one we haven't met is walking down the stairs alone. YIKES! I will say that as soon as we walked into the examination room...TEARS exploded from John's eyes. He knew what was coming. He got 3 shots today, however, as soon as they were over and we got the shirt back on...he was ready to show off. He even danced in the hallway as we were entering the waiting room.
We always feel so bad after John has to get shots that we spoil him rotten. So after his afternoon nap, he got to watch Elmo and have chocolate milk. Daddy came home from work with a ball that was just John's size as well as a hot wheel car. Above and below are pictures of John wanting to throw the ball high against the wall like Daddy does. Below...well I am not sure what happened.

The dryer was making a weird grinding sound today so Daddy and John got work on it. Here is them working together to figure out the problem...BOBBY PINS! They must have been in a pocket and got stuck in the dryer wheel. Thanks goodness that didn't cost money!
This is John saying "stuck" because Matt couldn't get the back off of the dryer.

Funny story of the day...
During dinner tonight, we were eating and asking John all kinds of questions about his day and such. All of a sudden, John acts like he is "hawking a lugee". He had the sound down and the spitting to the side down pat. I was in disbelief and Matt almost fell out of his chair he was laughing so hard. The first words out of my mouth was, "What was that and where did he learn it?" Matt couldn't talk because of laughter, but he pointed to himself. I just rolled my eyes and put my head in my hands. I tell you what...if this next one is a boy...there is no telling what our dinners will be like for the next 18 years.
I guess boys will be boys.

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Mutt said...

Boys are wonderful, but boys are also kinda gross. C gets a napkin while he is eating and tries to spit into it. At least he uses a napkin.

Also, with C, I had contractions all the time and they were usually 3 minutes apart. They never got too bad so I figured they weren't real labor. They still make you tired though.

Hang in there, not long now.