Monday, January 11, 2010

Tonight's blog is a big THANK YOU to the people who helped me out tonight. I got the truck stuck in the Gardner's driveway, I made people wait to get home after a tiring day of work, Jason had to trample around in the snow, I made Chad babysit John way longer than intended, Jessica had to drive me to her house, Matt had to come home early from work, and Allison had to get AAA to tow me out...YIKES what a night. And it was all for me to play Bunco...which I didn't win anything!
I did make me realize how lucky I am to have the people that I have around me. Everyone took care of me in someway and I appreciate that so much. It is now something we can look back and laugh at when we think of the Jan. Bunco.
Thank you all!

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Whitney Richeson said...

What a night to remember! We will always remember it!! I was glad I got to sub that night!