Saturday, January 23, 2010

The nursery is coming together quite well. I really only have to bring up clothing and a few other things from the basement. The name above the bed will come when we find out what sex the baby is...Jackson or (the girl name is still being decided on). Tonight I was looking through a few of the clothes that John use to wear and it is weird to think that he was that small at one time. They grow so fast. I only pulled the neutral sex outfits out...however, I think it will be weird to see a little girl (if we have one) dressed in the clothes that John wore.
For those that might not know...the nursery is being shared with the guest room. At first I wasn't excited about this, but I really think it will turn out quite fine!

Matt put a picture of John above the baby bed, so he/she would be looking at him while laying in bed. I thought this was cute.

These cute wall hangings were from my mom. She got them at Forbes, a local store in Houston. I love that C is for "cuddle bug".

Changing Table...still have to get the cover for the mat.

I am now in love with wall decals! The polka dots on the wall just stick on and I can move them around. LOVE IT!

Here's my sweet boy and his easel. He loves to make it into a desk and then into the easel. He thinks he is so big doing this. And yes...he does have Christmas pj's on. I don't think things should just get worn one we are still wearing them.

John came home yesterday and spiked a temperature of 102. We gave him Tylenol and he woke up with no fever this morning. He wasn't a 100%, but he played today and acted okay. Around 5:00...his cheeks started getting rosy and he felt hot. A 102 temp again. This is when I wish he could tell me where he hurt or ached. I have no idea what is wrong with him. I am fearing that he might have an ear ache and he is going to have to take the horrid antibiotics that he hated so much last time. I can't wait to have him 100% again.


Miller Racing Family said...

Love the nursery. The little picture of John is a really cute idea. To tell the truth we haven't even started Lila's. I think I am going to do it in Suzy's Zoo. I am hoping to get my blog book done this week and then start going through the clothes and begin on the nursery. I still can't get rid of Trey's stuff until the baby gets hear as I would hate for it to turn out to be a boy and I have sold everything.
Have a fabulous Sunday!

Whitney Richeson said...

I hope John is feeling better now. I LOVE the wall decals! What a great idea. Where do you buy those at? I think the room looks adorable!! :)