Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Baby Info:
The new baby is around 4 pounds and is the same weight as a pineapple. She/He is around 17 inches long from heel to head. He/She is looking less like an alien and is getting their skin smoothed out (not so wrinkly anymore). Her/His brain bones are still soft and don't come together so that they can fit through the birth canal. The bones actually don't totally harden until they reach adulthood. I am feeling well and excited to meet this little one.

Update on John:
My sweet little boy went to bed without a fever tonight...YEAH! Hopefully sleep will find him well tonight and we can get a full night's rest. Last night was about 3 hours of sleep long. You can tell he is feeling better...clingy and not quite himself, but getting close. Today we were laying on our bed and watching Elmo. Elmo was talking to a baby and John started patting my belly and saying "baby". He then proceeded to put his mouth on my belly and growl like a lion. He thought it was so funny and he did it numerous times. It was quite cute.

Today was a good day. I got to be with some of my good friends and our book study. One of the reasons why I love this book study so much is not only do we talk about the book (a little) but we talk about different things that we think and we are going through. It is nice to say something that you have been thinking of (and you don't think anyone else would think this) and they say "I've been thinking about that too!" Helps to make you think you're not crazy or a weird parent. One of the topics that we talked about today was having traditions in our family. I have been thinking of them since Advent and I am determined to start doing some traditions in our family. So look out...they will be blogged about.
This week I had a challenge for myself. I wanted to be more intentional while doing things...even if it meant I was folding laundry. I wanted to not be thinking about the 15 other things that I should/could be doing, but to be in that moment and either enjoy it or say a prayer to help me enjoy it. My big goal was to do this while I was doing stuff with John. I will tell you that I feel like I was less stressed and seemed to enjoy things more this week, but looking back...I didn't get as much stuff as I would have normally gotten done. However, I am slowly learning that sometimes things just don't get completed and I am learning to be okay with that.

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