Saturday, January 30, 2010

It was a great time and John did a great job sitting, especially since it was nap time. I didn't think it would be more than an hour and it last an hour and half! It was great! The pictures below go backwards because for some reason I can't move the pictures start at the bottom and enjoy!

He just couldn't make it through the whole 2nd half. He tried so hard to keep his little eyes open but they kept drooping and finally he gave up.

Eating some kettle corn...his first time.

John sat like this pretty much the whole time...he was in complete awe. He did dance a little and he would clap when the songs ended.

There's Elmo!!

The show begins!

John and Daddy playing with one of his souvenirs.

Big Bird came over the intercom and John couldn't believe it!

The family in front of the stage. John was so overwhelmed by all the seats, people and lights. Poor guy...he almost looks scared in this picture!

John waiting in line by Elmo while Nana LeAnn bought him a few souvenirs.

Daddy and John walking to the Sprint Center in the snow.

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Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, it looks like you all had a blast.