Monday, August 3, 2009

I am 1!

14 people came to the big party. It was very exciting. Nana LeAnn and I worked on the silly cake for awhile. We tried to make black icing...which is very difficult. We ended up having bitter tasting icing that stained your fingers and my counter tops! We decided to nix the icing and just stick with good ol' fashioned cake. Below tells the story of the night...

The "wheel" cake! In honor of John LOVING anything with wheels!
John wasn't sure about the cake. He actually just looked at it like, "What am I suppose to do with this?"

He finally ate it when I fed it to him but he still wasn't sure. He enjoyed the homemade icecram much better. Everyone was surprised by his reaction because he seems to like EVERYTHING! I guess he enjoys savory food rather than sweet food???

He loved his new dump truck! He sat in it all night and got mad if you took him out of it! He also loved this card that sang "The Wheels on the Bus" when you opened it. He did the motions and everything. He got lots of wonderful presents and it was so nice to have everyone there. It was a great time that was had by all!
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Whitney Richeson said...

Happy Birthday! What a cute idea for a cake! :)

Mutt said...

Start with chocolate frosting, then add the black. Much easier to make black frosting than to color white.

Miller Racing Family said...

Love the dump truck picture. The wheel cake was a super cute idea. I would have had no idea on the black frosting either.