Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nora - Playing Catch Up

Wowza...I haven't sat here in front of the computer to blog in a long while. Much too long, if I do say so myself. So here is a catch up of Miss Nora over the last couple months. 

Nora - 5 Months

At 5 months, Nora was still laying around, not mobile yet. She was Cinderella for Halloween and slept through most of the night as her brother and sister Trick or Treated. We have had quite a battle with this little one's skin. It is super sensitive, especially to diapers, but I think we have figured out what diapers and wipes she can use, as well as formula. We have also started calling her Noisy Nora. She is one loud girl. She has learned to be heard, you probably have to be loud in this household. 

Nora - 6 Months

Yup, that is right...we have a sitter! She has now sat up and LOVES it. She wants to be up all the time so she can see all the action. John and Sophia have been working on showing her how to crawl. I say...let's just wait on it. This sweet doll baby loves to be talked to. Her smile will brighten a room if you start having a conversation with her. We have introduced a few foods to her now. I was nervous about foods since she seems to be having such sensitive skin. However, sweet carrots, applesauce and bananas seem to be fine and she loves them all. I think if I would just feed her food now and leave out the bottles, she would be just fine with that decision. She also loves the game Peek A Boo. She will even pull the cover on her face to interact with the game. 

Nora - 7 Months

She is weighing in at 18.3 lbs and is 26.6 inches long. She has cut her first 2 teeth. I didn't even know she had cut the first one. She didn't have any symptoms except for being drooly...but she has been drooly for months now. She is now army crawling EVERYWHERE and she is very quick! If there is the tiniest piece of paper on the floor, she will find it and pop it in her mouth. She is also saying a few words. It started with waving and now she has added some sounds that could resemble "hi" and "bye". She said Mama FIRST!!! It was in front of my family, so others heard it and they know I didn't make it up. Since then, she has only said it again when she cries, but what really matters is she said Mama BEFORE Dada. I have been working on this. My others said Dada first, and I knew this was my last chance. She made my hard work pay off! She has said Dada and now says it all the time. When Matt isn't around, she looks around and starts saying "Dada".  John and Sophia have not tired of her yet. They get excited every time she does something new. 

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