Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Must Have...

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The Moby Wrap has been a saving grace since Nora has been born.  I must say a huge thank you to my dear friend Sarah Beard for letting me borrow hers and getting me hooked! This lets me hold Nora, hands free, so that I can help the other kiddos. I used it the other day when the kids wanted to go outside and play. I was able to hook the sprinkler up, help Sophia get her bathing suit on, put sunscreen on the kiddos and water my flowers, all while having Nora in the Moby Wrap. It is AMAZING! I have also used it at the T-Ball games and at church. I don't have to carry around the bulky carrier when I use the Moby Wrap. 

So if you have a little one, especially if you have other kiddos around the house, and want some time where your hands are free...I would recommend this product!

Have a great day! 

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