Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I went to the eye doctor today. 
Eyes look good and my astigmatism has gotten smaller. 
However, after my eye doctor asked me a bijillion questions of "does 1 or 2 look better?" "how about 3 or 4?" "does 5 look better or worse?" she states: 
"It seems that your eyes are working very hard when you are looking at things up close. I think a +1 would be helpful to you."
I am puzzled by this +1 thing and then I say "Is that like bifocals?" (in a disgusted voice)
Calmly, the doctor says "You could just pick up a pair of reading glasses and have them on hand when you are working on a computer for a long period of time or reading for a long period of time."
Great...I love getting older. 
I come home to tell my husband how my appointment went. I simply state that a pair of reading glasses would help my eyes from being so tired (I am trying to be positive). 
He laughs and says...so you need bifocals?
Thanks honey...

So I am going to embrace this and find a cute pair to carry around with me. I might even get a super cute, sassy case for them...heck I might even go with a chain! (Actually probably not a chain.)

Have a good night!

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