Monday, July 30, 2012

Turnbough Olympics

Tonight the kids decided to make their own Olympics. 
Below...John practicing his backwards dive. 

Below...Sophia practicing her gymnastics. 

A John Story: (on our way home today)
John: "Mom, I've been thinking. I am 4 now and I am big, so I think I need a bigger bed."
Me: "Well, I will talk to dad about it."
John: "I don't think I can sleep in my bed till I get a new one."

Sophia Story: 
Me: Sophia, what is your baby's name? (Up until now it has always been "baby")
Sophia: "Cindy" (We don't know anyone with that name.)
Matt: "What is your baby's middle name?"
Sophia: "Cindy Barkoff"

Have a good night. 

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