Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 3 in Colorado

 Day 3 in Colorado started with the Jensen family heading back to MO. They had gotten out there a few days before us and needed to head back home. So we saw them off and made a plan for the day. We hung out in Salida for the morning. We went to a yummy coffee shop named The Simmering Cup and shopped around the cute shops. Matt got us delightful treats from the downtown bakery. Afterwards, we headed back to the rocks and the river. Below are a few pictures...

 After lunch and naps, we headed up to the Monarch Pass. We rode up a gondola to 12,000 feet and it was beautiful!  

Sophia was still sleepy from her nap and held on tight the whole time. 

 John's face got really chapped and it hit him at the top of the mountain.
He broke down so we put chap stick on his face. It started stinging, so in the middle of the observation deck, I took care of my sweet boy and blew on his face for about 5 minutes. It started to feel better.

We saw snow!! John even threw a snowball at me! 

After going up to Monarch Pass, we headed back to Salida for dinner at the Boathouse. We walked around the town for a little stroll before heading back to our house. 

If John can't climb a mountain, he will find something else to climb on!

There was an exhibit of animals made out of metal. It was quite amazing. Sophia saw this horse and said "My Little Pony"! 

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