Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Busy Couple of Weeks

Sorry for not blogging lately...we have been having summer fun.
Enjoy the photos below!

Deanna Rose with the Sharky Family 

Taking Naps Outside with Pops

Visiting the Zoo
It looks like John is crying but he's laughing. 

Eat, Play and Pray...Together
A new thing we are doing at church on Tuesdays. We eat together, play a game on the soccer field, and then we prayed with playdough. 

As we played with playdough, the question posed was "What do you think God was thinking about when He made you?" 
John: He was thinking I would have red hair and play baseball. 
Me: Do you think he thought you would be a kind boy? 
John: I think he thought I would be like Benny, a great baseball player. 
(We aren't too worried about his self esteem.)

Me: Sophia, what do you think God was thinking when he made you?
Sophia: Girl
(Enough said...) 

Sidewalk Chalk Paint
We made sidewalk chalk paint
2 Tbs - Cornstarch
2 Tbs - Water
5 drops of food coloring

We made this and it was fun. I didn't go exactly by this because it was a little too thin, so I added more cornstarch.
We used paint brushes and painted away on the sidewalks. It was super easy to wash off it was a winner!

One more story:
Last night was baseball and Sophia and I had this conversation...
Me: Sophia are you ready to go to the baseball field?
Sophia: NO
Me: We need to get dressed, so let's put on these shorts.
Sophia: No, I a princess. I not wearing those.
(She then grabs the shorts and runs back to her room. She opens her closet and points to her pink tutu.)
Sophia: I a princess, I wear princess.
(We put the skirt on her and she prances (literally she prances when she runs) back to the living room. She twirls saying "Princess, Princess, I a Princess.)

So off to the baseball field we in baseball pants and the other in a princess tutu.

Hope your summer is going great also!

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