Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sophia and Her Big Girl Bed

Sophia is now in a big girl bed. I can't believe that my little princess is out of her crib. We have had this toddler bed in the basement for some time. Anytime we were down there, she was laying on it with her babies or putting her babies to bed. She would even go down there by herself to play dolls on the bed. She also wants to be potty trained SO badly, so I thought "What the heck...let's get her in a big girl bed before the potty training begins so she can get up at night for the bathroom."
My memories of putting a child in a toddler bed are few because I have only done it with one child. John's transition had been a piece of cake so I thought nothing of it as we decided to do it at the very end of my Christmas vacation. Here is the difference - John was 2 and 1/2 and Sophia is 22 months. John's toddler bed was still his crib with just the mattress lower and the front taken off. Sophia's is a totally different bed and different mattress. John's bed was put in the same exact spot as the crib and Sophia's was turned around the opposite way. These are things I did not think about before hand.
It started great. As you look at the pictures below, you will see how it was right when the bed was put in the room.
Sophia couldn't wait to get in bed. She actually was playing dress up and hopped into bed with her two tutus on as well as covering herself up with the mattress pad because there was no sheets or blankets on yet.
John wanted so badly to take a nap with Sophia but we thought the first day wouldn't be a good idea. So here they are pretending to take a nap.

Well lets just was not all roses making this transition. We had many sleepless nights, a few stern voices, and a lot of rocking, singing and rubbing feet to get this sweet princess to stay in her bed. One morning I heard her crying at 6 am and found her on the floor with her top half of her body under the bed! Poor girl! Another night, she had moved off the bed to the side that is closest to the wall and had gotten her legs stuck under the bed. Evidently, she moves a lot at night in her sleep.
I will say...knock on wood...that she is doing so much better. She loves the bed and loves playing on it. She is learning to love to sleep on it too.
We will start potty training this get ready!!

Update on John:
We have started Pre-School hunting. We will visit our first one on Friday. Part of me is so excited but the other part of me hurts to think my sweet boy is getting older. He is excited about Pre-School; however he told someone at church today that since he is going to be going to school...there will be no more toys. I guess he will be surprised!

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