Saturday, January 14, 2012

Potty Training Day #1

I had a picture of Sophia in her big girl panties today but the camera is in her room where she is sleeping. So pictures will come on another day. I declared MLK weekend, Potty Training Bootcamp weekend this year. So the boys had a boys day and Sophia and I stayed home. I wouldn't say today was a success but it was a start. Here are a few of the highlights....
1. We had one total success pee session and poop session.
2. She LOVES her panties. (And I love that I get to say that word now because with John I couldn't.)
3. By the end of the day she would say "Done" when she was completely finished on the potty.
4. When she would be standing with pee going down her leg, she hated it! So she would look at me with the most unpleasant look on her face. I would rush to pick her up and run her to the bathroom.

Day 2 will start bright and early I am sure.

I realized I haven't really blogged a John story lately so here are a couple...
1. Yesterday morning, he was in his underwear dancing around singing "We were hot, hot, hot. Now we're not, not, not" while the weather was on. He would end his song with a big "YEAH!" and land on the ground.
2. Another event happened yesterday also...I had to run back home because I had forgotten something. I walked through the front door and John is standing there still in his underwear and snowboots.

We also visited our first preschool yesterday. So the search had began officially. We will visit a couple more and hopefully be able to make a decision after those visits.

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