Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Family Movie Night

Tonight we all laid on the floor, with pillows and blankets, and watched Beauty and Beast! If you would have told me when I was younger that I would someday be watching Beauty and the Beast with my kids...I probably wouldn't have believed you. I hadn't watched the movie in years and I remembered all the songs! To top the movie off, we had cookies to go along with it.
Afterwards, the kids did what any normal kid would do after a movie...
they put on their capes and flew around!

Tonight Sophia was counting to 5 like she normally does and then she counted backwards!! She is getting very big!

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JustJess said...

This is adorable! And I have to say, I am pretty sure that I saw Beauty and the Beast at the theater with the whole Turnbough family (and my family). I think our moms got a kick out of taking us all to the movies, looking down the line, and seeing all those kids that belonged to them. I recall Matt (or was it Wendi?) saying the beast looked girlie as a prince. Aren't memories funny? So glad your kiddos are getting to enjoying it as much as our generation did!