Monday, September 12, 2011

Sophia Bee-ah

Sophia has turned 18 months. It is hard to believe that this sweetie is already this big. I know I have said this before, but I can't imagine our family without this little girl.
Here are a few things that I love about this little diva...

* I love your sweet, dainty voice.
* I love that you sit in your green chair and let me fix your hair.
*I love that you say "Love you" in a sweet, girly voice.
* I love your sweet smile with your yummy cheeks.
* I love that I have a daughter and I hope our friendship grows through the years.
* I love how you are a little carry dolls and bags around.
* I love that you love shoes!
* I love that you already stand up for yourself.
*I love that you love me so much.
* I love when you wake up in the morning and stand in your crib saying "Momma".
* I love that you sound like a little French girl when you say my name.

Little miss is doing new things each day. Her favorite things right now, besides baby dolls and their stroller is D (which stands for Woody from Toy Story) and B (Buzz Lightyear). This girl gets excited about these two characters. She is also loving the words "no no" and "mine". I have to admit this is not a favorite phrase of mine, but I know it will pass with time...I hope.
So we are still working on how a lady sits! I thought this was a funny picture of John and Sophia. This was this morning waiting to go to Jewell's house.

A side note...
John woke up this morning chanting, "It is my first day of school!!!" I think he loves

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