Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today Jessica Sharky and I took the kids down to the Rainforest Exhibit at Crown Center. Much to our surprise it was really busy so after a little time spent at the exhibit, we headed to Fritz...the train cafe! You know...eating out with the kids always sounds like a lot of fun...until you are actually sitting down to eat! It is always a busy time at the table! The kids did a really good job and Jessica and I actually got to eat our entire meal.
After eating, we headed over to the spray park. It was busy but that did not stop Madeline and John. They were in the water, playing around. The little girls, mainly stayed in the shade playing in the stroller and walking around.
It is always a fun time to hang out with the Sharky girls. Thanks for a great day!
John looking cool by the fountains.

They are all looking at forward at the same time!!!

Fruit snack time! I love how Sophia and Makenna are looking at each other. John and Madeline are saying "Cheese!"
The little girls...looking cute in their pink bathing suits.

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