Friday, July 8, 2011

I am FINISHED and Civil Wars Concert

I am FINISHED! I can't believe it. For 2 years I have went to class with the same group of people (wonderful people by the way), completed mountains of homework, and complained about how I can't wait to get finished. And now I am FINISHED. Wait, I should say "we are finished" because this has been a "we" thing since the beginning. My sweet husband has been on the journey all the way. He has devoted his Wednesday nights for 2 years to feed, bath, watch, and put the kids to bed by himself. He also heard my countless complaints, hugged me through tears, and told me "You can do this." He made me relax and play with my kids when I just couldn't do homework anymore. He would tell me, especially during Research and Finance, you don't have to get an A...just pass it. I would give him a dirty look and tell him "I don't get anything but A's!" (Just to brag...and this is totally bragging...I did get a 4.0!)
When we started this program, we had one kid and Matt said "Go for it." Little did we know that in the middle of the program, baby #2 would be on its way. I am sure there were times Matt just wanted to say "Please quit. I am tired of this." But he never did and he supported me through the whole program. I love you Matty.
Working on my Masters and completing it was one of the hardest things I have done. I am super proud of myself! The program I did was amazing and I learned so much. The professors I had and the people that I got to have class with each week was great. I made such great friends and I feel lucky to have the network that I have now for my future.
There are many people I need to say thank you to and I am afraid I will forget people, so I will be vague in order to try to get everyone.
My family - Thank you for watching my kids when I needed to do homework or when Matt needed help. We couldn't have done it without you guys.
My girls - Thank you for the Starbucks dates and dinner dates hearing me complain about my homework load. You made me laugh and rant and kept me going.
My friends - there are a lot of you that sent me Facebook messages, commented on my blog and gave me words of encouragement.
The Cohort - I will miss you guys. For 2 years we spent each week together. We shared a lot of life together and I will miss seeing you guys.
SPE staff - so many of you gave me opportunities for my internship and I appreciate it so much! I was asked daily about how things were going and so much support was given to me on a daily basis. I will miss you all next year.
Administrators - Thank you to so many administrators that gave me different opportunities to help me grow and become an administrator. I was given a lot of advice and I appreciate it so much.
So I am DONE and so excited! I have a new job next year and I am excited for the new experience.
After I finished my last class, I went to the Civil Wars concert with friends. It was great! The Civil Wars are amazing and I would go see them again in the heartbeat. It was a great way to celebrate.
These guys look drunk...but they aren't. And it was Brandon's birthday too!
My sweet friend, Katie.
The amazing Civil Wars.

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I'm Jenn said...

Congrats on finishing school - I still don't know how you managed to do so much at the same time! I am following right behind you and look forward to posting my own "I'm finished" message in two years!