Sunday, June 19, 2011

St. Louis and Branson Weekend

Last weekend we headed to St. Louis to meet up with the family. Our first stop was a picnic at the zoo and then on to see the wonderful St. Louis zoo. Two very cool things about this zoo:

1. It has the penguin exhibit which feels awesome on hot summer days.

2. It has the Children's Zoo inside of it. This is a great interactive zoo for children and it has a spray park as well as a playground. The kids were able to pet the animals and play around.

Sophia driving her brother around...
Waiting for the water at the spray park

Then the next morning we got to see Uncle Scott, Aunt Emily, and baby Eli!! This was the first time the kiddos and Matt had met Eli. He is a cutie with big beautiful eyes. He is also a cuddler. Too bad they live so far away!

The three cousins together for the first time.

John loved seeing and hanging out with Uncle Scott. He thinks Uncle Scott is so cool. Scott taught him a terrible (or so I think) trick to do with his eyelids. John goes around doing it now. Thanks Uncle Scott.

Nannee and Pops talking and cuddling with Eli.

Sweet baby boy!

We headed to Houston after the weekend in St. Louis because Matt was on staff retreat for a few days. As we came back to Kansas City, Nannee LeAnn and myself took the kids to Silver Dollar City. It was Kids Fest and it was a blast! They had tents up with blocks and games up throughout the park. We had a great time!

Both kids loved building with the blocks. John said it was his favorite part. That is funny because we can do blocks at our house.

We went to a dog stunt show and the kids enjoyed it greatly. John loved the big dog "Doggy". He gave him 4 or 5 hugs.

The kids and I rode rides while Nannee LeAnn took pictures. They both loved the rides too.

Funny Story:

We were on our way back to Blue Springs and we had to stop for John to go potty. I quikly put on his tennis shoes without socks. He was very nervous that he would get blisters. When we got back to the car, he explained to Nannee that he thought he had blisters on his feet. When he took off his shoes, he saw the imprints of the shoes on the tops of his feet and exclaimed "Oh no....BLISTERS!" After a few moments of silence he announced "I guess I will have to get new feet for my legs."

My mom and I burst out laughing.

A very fun and full weekend!

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