Monday, April 18, 2011


Ginger is John's best friend.

He talks about her all the time.

Ginger was my parents' dog. I got a text message this morning from my dad that let us know Ginger had passed away in her sleep. As many of you know...I am not a dog person. But when I heard this news, tears instantly appeared. The thought was "How am I going to tell my little boy that he won't see his best friend again?" I thought about it all day. I had a plan and was ready. When I told Matt, his comment was "We can't tell him. Your parents have to get another dog."

I sat John on my lap after we got home. I told him I had something to tell him. I explained Ginger had went to heaven and that she wouldn't be at Nannee and Pops house next time we went down to Houston. He asked "why?" a lot. I kept explaining. I asked if he wanted to go buy a balloon for Ginger. I told him we could write a note to her and send the balloon up to heaven with teh note. He said no. He sat on my lap for a long time. He was very quiet.

When Matt came home, he told his daddy that Ginger went to heaven.

And that was it.

I have a feeling he doesn't really understand. And this will probably come up the next time we are in Houston.

I am sad because I know he is little enough to probably not remember Ginger when he gets older. However, Ginger is special to all of us because she was John's first best friend. He loved her so much and talked about her constantly. He keeps a picture of her on his dresser. He dressed up as her for Halloween. She is the first thing he looks for when he is at Nannee and Pops house. Every morning we have been in Houston, the first thing he does is feed Ginger. He always said, "Feed Ginger when the sun wakes up."

Thank you Ginger for being John's best friend.

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I'm Jenn said...

Aw, so sad. I LOVED Matt's solution though - so practical.