Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Updates on the Kiddos

The kiddos watching Sid the Science Kid.

Updates: Sophia has gotten tooth number 8 and is working on teeth 9 and 10. She is a teething champ. She sleeps a lot and that seems to be her way of getting through it. We haven't had to give her medicine or do anything to help her ease pain. She is HARD CORE! She stood by herself on Saturday and is starting to take steps while holding onto a finger. I caught her in John's room on Saturday playing with cars. She was making a car sound while driving the car on the track. Then she made them crash...just like John does. I guess I didn't need to stock up on girl toys! John is growing like a weed. He is talking like crazy and makes us laugh each day. He loves to entertain and be the center of attention. The coffee table is his stage and he performs daily. He loves to shout the 1 2 Buckly my Shoe rhyme at the top of this lungs while playing the drums with chopsticks. He is identifying his colors now. This has been an ongoing event. He is so dang smart and has such a large vocabulary I couldn't understand why he didn't know his colors. I had gotten to the point that I thought he might be color blind. I stocked up on color books at the library and was set to get the colors down. Come to find out...he has been pulliing my leg. He knows his colors and he is not color blind. Onery boy!

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