Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Sophia is 1!

Today is the day. 1 year ago, Sweet Sophia was born. I remembering being absolutely sure that I was having another little boy. When they announced that we had a little girl...it was such a surprise. I remember looking at Matt and we were so excited. I tell people that I have the best of both worlds. I love having a little boy and little girl. Sophia fits in our family perfectly. It is like she has always been a part of it. She is truly her own person and I love seeing her personality coming out each day.

12 things that I love about Sophia:
1. I LOVE your cheeks.
2. I love the cheesy grins that you give to your dad and me.
3. I love how you say Dada and Mama (even though I think you mean "more" when you say Mama).
4. I love how you stand your ground with John, especially when he tries to take a toy from you.
5. I love how you have been so easy going with the transition of formula to milk and bottle to sippy cup.
6. I love that you are NOT a picky eater at all!
7. I love that you find army crawling easier than regular crawling.
8. I love how you are truly a mommy's girl.
9. I love how you let me put bows in your hair and you keep them in...most of the time.
10. I love how you are the best sleeper in the whole world.
11. I love how if I say "No Sophia" you put on a pouty face.
12. I love how you play with your big brother and you make our family complete.

Happy 1st Birthday Sophia. We love you so much.
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