Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sophia's 1st Birthday

Today we celebrated Sophia's 1st Birthday! She will officially be one on Tuesday but today was the big shin dig. She was the happiest girl through the whole thing. She loved all the company, she LOVED the cake (you'll be able to tell from the pictures) and she loved her presents. She even got into opening the presents. It was a great night but I am very thankful for a jeans day tomorrow!

Enjoy the pictures!

I added in this picture at the end. I can't get it to move down where I want it so...this was her ending of eating the cake...flipping the plate upside down.

Sophia's own special cake!

She loved her crown!

How precious is this picture??

Pre-snack before the family got there.

Yes she does have lepard print leg warmers on!

John was very excited about his sister's birthday party.

At first she was dainty. She would barely touch the icing and then lick her fingers.

Then she got a little more into it. She loved all the cameras clicking as she ate.

Then she got into it a little more...

And this was the end result!

The four cousins on the Turnbough side.

She got an American Doll Bitty Baby...and she loved it! She loved the eyes and how they open and close.

She really did love all her presents. She got lots of amazing gifts which you will get to see in pictures to come.

Thank you to all the famiy that came tonight to make this evening special. We missed the ones that couldn't make it.

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