Friday, March 18, 2011

Sophia's 1 Year Appointment

Sweet Sophia has turned one, which means we needed to have a 12 month appointment. She weighed in at 22 lbs and 11 oz. (She is the 75th percentile) This is 9oz more than she weighed at 9 months. She measures at 31 inches long. (She is in the 94th percentile) She has grown!
She did well for the doctor and the only thing I had to say that she wasn't doing was giving kisses and walking. We are working on it...more the kisses than walking...I don't know if I am ready to have her walking!
Poor girl got 3 shots and blood drawn from her arm. She screamed and I could barely get her to calm down...poor baby.
This past week, we have seen a different side of Sophia. She is no longer okay with being the quiet, calm one. It seems that if she thinks people are not paying attention to her...she will get yout attention! She has become very loud! It is so funny to see this change because this hasn't been her personality at all until now.
Today while we were in the car, coming home from Houston...the car was SO loud. Between her and John, you would have thought we had 10 kids in the back seat. I can see we have taken a change in our family...we will see how it goes!

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Miller Racing Family said...

How exciting I can't believe the babies are growing up so fast. I totally understand what you mean about the loud car. I ususally don't even turn the radio on as three babies are noise enough. Hope you are enjoying the great weather.