Saturday, February 26, 2011

We had our 9th snow day this past week. A ice and snow storm hit, so I got to stay home on Friday. It was nice to have the whole family home all day long. While Sophia took her morning nap, John and I decided to do some finger painting.

Earlier today John was playing with chopsticks. He made a square and said "Mommy, 4 sides!" I couldn't believe it...such a smart boy!
We are a formula and bottle free house!!! We ran out of formula so we decided that since Sophia is at the top of the charts for weight and height, she could probably move onto whole milk and food a couple of weeks before she turns one. She took it like a champ. She had no problem switching from the bottle to a sippy cup and from formula to whole milk. She loves it! She also loves food. This girl can put the food away! The only thing we have found she doesn't like is deli meat.

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