Saturday, December 18, 2010

Turnbough-Beard Christmas was today. I love this Christmas brunch that we do on a yearly basis. It is a laid back, relaxing day that is filled with laughs, food, stories, reminiscing, and a game or two. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Andrew got the kids wonderful books that share a wonderful message. Two of the books are by Francis Chan. If you haven't read his books, they are wonderful. Crazy Love is one of my favorites. He has written kids books based on his adult books and they are wonderful! These two books are Halfway Herbert (based on Crazy Love) and The Big Red Tractor (based on The Forgotten God)...they can be found here . The other book is The Big God Story and it is AWESOME! The other thing that Sarah and Andrew always get our kiddos are ornaments. Sarah lets the kids know each year "These are ornaments you can take when you move out of the house. Your parents can't keep them!"
This sweet couple also donated money to charities that were special to people for Christmas gifts. They graciously gave to my classroom to kids that need school supplies.
It was a great day and I feel so grateful to have these wonderful friends in our lives.
Love you Beards!

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