Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun Free Saturday!
Our dear friends, Sarah and Andrew, came to visit us today. We love hanging out with them. They came along with us while we fed the buffalo and flew kites at Lake Jacomo. Everyone had a blast and the time with the Beards concluded with Panchos and Modern Family.

John fed the buffalo carrots. He wasn't too scared!

Even when we are feeding a buffalo, Miss Sophia has a bow in her hair.

John took this picture...kind of.

Sophia chillin' while watching the kites.

Soccer time!

Matt is a natural kite flyer.

John's first time flying a kite!

Halloween Party!!
Our friends, the Sharky's, had us over for some kid friendly Halloween fun. It was so much fun! See below the fun activities that were completed while visiting with friends.

Eating dinner with friends

Kids hyped up on sugar, good conversation going on, noises everywhere...a great night!

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Whitney Richeson said...

What a fun time...great idea!:)