Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last night it was a quiet house. I came home from class to an empty house. The kids were at Nana and Papa's for the night. Matt was in Chicago. I won't lie...I enjoyed it. However, by the time I was driving to school this morning...I was missing the craziness of my real life.
This evening, almost all was back to normal. Noodles covered my floor as John strung them on pipe cleaners, Elmo was singing in the background, and Sophia was grabbing for anything that she could get her hands on. Oh...and my favorite...John singing along with the sing along going on on the TV. Oh and you can't forget the occasional fit of my sweet 2 year old. Both were in bed by 8:00 because they were exhausted from the early mornings this week and the different sleeping places. The only thing missing was my sweet hubby. Good news...he is almost home. Life will be completely back to normal tomorrow.

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