Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Festival Weekend!
I love fall and one of these reasons are FALL FESTIVALS! The rain did keep us from one of our favorites...the Plaza Art Fair. The Liberty Fall Festival was this weekend and it is a family favorite. Wendi and Kurtis (Matt's sister and brother in law) live near the square and on the parade route. So we have made it a family tradition to cook breakfast together and to watch the parade in the front yard. It is usually followed by going to the fair, eating fair food and looking a crafts. This year the rain kept us from enjoying the fair...but it was beautiful weather for the parade and LOTS of candy!

Patiently waiting for the parade...

The cute, serious husband...

Part of the family...

My baby boy...he loved the parade. He ate lots of candy and danced to the music. He also said "Tank Chu" (thank you) to everyone that handed him candy.

I promised you pictures of bath time.

A New Things:
Sophia has gotten her first tooth! It is breaking through and she is being such a strong girl!
John moved up to the Preschool I room today at church. It wasn't planned but it ended up happening and he LOVED it.
John calls tortillas "cover ups".
Still working on potty wasn't a very successful week. Any tips??
John has a new is against Matt and I's will.
For those of you that don't know...we are getting a new baby cousin Feb!!

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Katie said...

Great pictures, fall is fantastic isn't it!!!