Thursday, July 15, 2010

We ventured to Houston on and the kids...and are staying all week. It has been a great week. My dad and I did Children's Church Camp this week. My dad was the director and I was the worship leader. It was so much fun but very tiring! Those 3rd, 4th and 5th graders can wear you out. Instead of us going back to KC today and then driving down to Branson on Sunday, we decided to stay and spend more time in Houston. I have more pictures I want to share...but I am having to use my parents computer and my picture card is too small and I forgot my I am using the pictures on my mom's camera.
My dad put a few new things on the swing of those being a fireman's pole. He loves it and will soon be doing it himself. That little man isn't scared!

Sophia is just as happy as can be. She is grabbing onto those toes and trying to put them in her mouth. She loves being talked to and giggles whenever someone pays attention to her. So she is giggling most of the time! She is getting BIG! We saw a baby that was about a month younger than her...she was HUGE compared to him. I hadn't realized how much she had grown in the past few months.

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