Monday, May 3, 2010

It was my first day at Jewell's house today. I knew that it was a different kind of day because Mommy was running around this morning trying to make sure that everyone was ready to go. I heard her say to Daddy, "Can you take them? I don't know if I can drop them off. I am afraid I will ramble on about all the things about Sophia. Jewell will figure it out because she is wonderful and is a pro. She doesn't need me standing there for 30 minute telling her about stuff." Daddy told her that he could and gave her a hug. I heard him say, "It's going to be fine. Just think...she will take care of them better than I did :)". I am not sure what that meant because I thought Daddy did a great job. (Even though the house was a mess when Mommy would get home). So off we went to Jewell's house. John wanted to stay with Daddy when we got to Jewell's house. Yet, when Daddy got me out of the seat...John wanted to show me off. He was telling everyone my name and showering me with kisses. Daddy disappeared quietly and the day began. I got to see a lot at Jewell's. It was easier to stay awake there. That will make Mommy happy because I might sleep more tonight. I watched all the kids. I saw the kids that John is always talking about...Reese, Brooklyn and Eli. Jewell fed me 3 times today and changed my diaper a few times too. She told me I was gassy! That is what she told my mom too. Mommy came to pick us up a little early because John has pink eye. Even though she looked tired when she got to Jewell's, her face lit up when she saw us. I think she was excited to see us.
Overall, I loved being at Jewell's and Jewell loved on me all day. I am one lucky girl to have a great place to go while my Mommy and Daddy work.
I think I want to go back there tomorrow.


The Strader Family said...

So tonights dinner was FANTASTIC!! I have never made fajitas at home. WE did chicken instead of sausage and they were so good!

Whitney Richeson said...

So glad today was a good day!!! What is the fajita recipe??

Whitney Richeson said...
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