Thursday, April 22, 2010

Story of the Night...
Matt let John get a hold of the coffee beans tonight.
Once John had the container beans all over the floor.
It started out being a good little game of putting the coffee beans back in the container.
(notice the coffee beans are in a pretty good pile)

John decided to spice up the game.
He thought it would be more fun to throw coffee beans across the room.
Matt kept saying "no" and singing the clean up song.
John thought is game was more fun.
My favorite quote from Matt. "Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?"
After a few tears, the coffee beans finally got cleaned up. times with Daddy.

1st day back at school and I have to say it went well. It was good to get back and see everyone. My kids at school have GROWN. They are taller than I am! They had the room decorated with balloons. I had teachers leaving candy on my desk, in my mailboxes and a Starbucks delivered to my room. Not only all that, but I had so many words of encouragement throughout the day. My team was amazing today and helped to make my 1st day back fabulous! It is such a blessing to work in a place where there are wonderful people working. I am so blessed to have a job that I enjoy and people that I enjoy working with. It allowed me to know that I am in the right place...right where God wants me to be.
I will say that I was exhausted by the time I got home...I landed smack on the couch with my two little ones.

The kiddos stayed home with Daddy today. Sophia gives a little grin to her day...
Let's hope she sleeps tonight!

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