Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sophia seems to be feeling better. She isn't nearly as fussy as she was. John is fighting allergies. I am fighting an abscessed tooth. It is quite a household. But we are getting through it!
John is the greatest big brother. He makes sure Sophia has her blanket, pacifier and that she gets lots of kisses. He gets right up in her face and says "hello" and then lays a big, juicy kiss on her head. She usually has snot in her hair because of John's runny nose. He truly loves his sister. I asked him tonight, "John, can Sophia go to Jewell's house with you?" and he sat for a second thinking. Then he said a big "YES!". We'll see how it goes...
John calls Sophia "fella" and he always is saying "old er" (hold her). He holds his arms and hands out with the action of "come here" until we put her in his arms. Here are some photos of the two of them...
"old er"

John will smile at the camera if you ask it!
Sophia doesn't always like brother holding her...but most of the time she is okay with it.

Pretty girl is GROWING like a weed!

Below are pics of Sophia's room. It has been girl-i-fied!

A picture I forgot to take was her ribbon that is filled with bows. I will get that picture posted at a later date. She has quite a few and I LOVE it!
Have a good night!


Katie said...

When the girls were over the other night they were VERY impressed with the bow collection!

PS - LOVE the photo of John holding Sophia... precious!!!

Whitney Richeson said...

LOVE the room. Too cute! :) John is such a good brother. Precious!

Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, the room looks so cute. I love the letters for her name. I love how they are all different and all the pink is just fabulous.
Hope you all get back to normal soon.
Have a great day!