Friday, April 2, 2010

John loves playing in the car and pretending that he is driving. Here are the things he knows about driving:
1. He can put the keys in the ignition.
2. He can turn on and off the head lights.
3. He knows that after you put the keys in the ignition, you move the gear shift (he pretends to do this).
4. He knows to put his seatbelt on. To do this, he puts it over one shoulder.
5. He knows how to open the door from the inside.
6. He knows the buttons to the windows and the locks.
7. My favorite...he knows how to put down the visor, looks in the mirror and checks his hair!
8. He figured out how to eject a CD.
9. The key can also go to the trunk to open it.

Isn't that amazing! He has learned all of this by just watching. He is so big!

Driving along....

Putting on my seatbelt...

Check out my new silky gym shorts!

Sweet Sophia, snoozing in the back seat while her brother is cruising along!

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