Thursday, March 4, 2010

So I was totally bummed that I didn't have my camera tonight, but we were up at Matt's parents' house for dinner tonight. Our nephew, Luke, has been waiting for John to be able to really play with him since day 1. Lately, the two have been starting to play together and tonight they just hit it off! They played the piano together, hid behind couches together, tore up Nana's living room together and played under the table after dinner together. It was so sweet to see the 2 interact...and I didn't have a camera!
A story about Luke is that he loves Star Wars and tornadoes (actually any kind of storms). He goes to Pre-School 2 days a week. Tonight he told us that he is the leader of the "Bad Guys Gang" during gym time at Pre-School. He and 3 other boys are in this gang. His mom asked what they did and he said, "We chase the girls around and they go...AGHHH." All the while he is acting this out. Typical preacher's grandson (he goes to the preschool that Mark, Matt's dad, preaches at)! So while the boys were under the table tonight, I hear Luke saying "bad guys" and then all of a sudden John starts saying it! It was really cute and Luke was so proud that he had taught John something new. It was a great evening!

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