Saturday, February 6, 2010

This weekend, my mom and I went through more of John's newborn and 3 month clothes. It was so fun to see the outfits again. It made me hope that this one is a little boy so I can see the adorable outfits that I loved seeing on John. However, we did find a tub that contained little girl clothes because some people were convinced that John was going to be a girl. This dress was the only thing that I bought for a girl before John was born. I fell in love with it at Carter's the moment I saw it. When I saw this dress last night...I thought, "Oh wouldn't it be fun to have a girl to wear this dress." Even though the baby will be born in March, my mom and I thought we could put a little sweater over it or have a long sleeve white onesie underneath. 5 more weeks and then find out what this "little peanut" is!! So excited! So many people ask me how we do it by not finding out what the sex of the baby is. Up until this point, I always we should have just found out. But when I get to this point and I am tired of being pregnant...the not knowing is what keeps me going. I love the idea that there is still a BIG surprise coming....5 more weeks!
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Miller Racing Family said...

That is a totally cute outfit.
We are like you, we wanted to hold off to find out what we were having but Trey was dead set on it being a girl so we didn't want to totally crush him if it turned out to be a boy.
Last weekend we went through all Trey's clothes and what a process that was. I still need to mark the ones we aren't going to keep for the yard sale. Though we aren't selling a thing until Lila gets here for fear she will turn out to be a boy in the end. lol
Hope you have a great weekend!

Whitney Richeson said...

Ahhhh...that dress is so cute!! I LOVE that you are making it a suprise! I can't wait to find out. I envy you that you can do it! :)