Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My little man was invited by his friend Jenna to Soccer Tots on Monday. John was the youngest one and newest one there and he did a GREAT job! He's quite the little athlete...or at least I think so. He loved running up and down the field. The funniest part of the whole night was when they were suppose to put one foot on top of the "birdie egg" (the ball). There were all different sizes of balls and John chose the biggest ball...of course. His legs are quite short, so he had a hard time getting those little legs up on top of a big soccer ball. He finally got a little ball and was able to do it first try!
Enjoy the pics...

Celebrating Boys Month!
These were featured on the "Celebrating Boys Month". I thought they were so cute!

Here's another idea from MADE


Sarah said...

Don't you worry, I check out your blog every day! I am hoping to find some good stuff for the little man!
Love you! Miss you so much!

Whitney Richeson said...

He looks like a natural soccer player. LOVE those shorts!!! :)

Miller Racing Family said...

He looks like a true soccer player. Trey did t-ball this past summer and it was such a hoot. How they think they are so big out on the field.
Have a fabulous day!