Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My friend Katie and I have talked about going on a cruise one day. We've talked about this when our husband's go on trips and leave us at home. We've told them that we are going to do it...they said we should go on Disney Cruise and take the kids. We say "that's not the point".

My friend Katie...I guess you could say she is my "newest" friend. However, I love her like we have been friends forever. She let's me rant about things, ask her questions about parenting, and discuss things going on around us. She shares my love for Starbucks and we use it as an excuse to get out of the house and visit (without the kiddos).

My friend Katie...I admire her so much because like me...she is a working mom, who desperately wants to be the best mom she can be. And in my opinion...she is a great mom. She makes me want to be so creative because she is always coming up with cool ideas.

My friend Katie...not only is she a great mom...she is a great friend. Anyone that is friends with her, is a lucky person. She is a committed friend. It seems that she is always making someone something, offering to help out, or just putting a card in the mail to say hi.

My friend Katie...sent me a card in the mail this week. It came at the perfect time. I started back to teaching this week, started my Spring Master's classes, and got my truck stuck in the snow. I was so ready for this week to be over. However, tonight when I got home from class...I had a card in the mail. It was from Katie and the words on the card meant so much to me. It revived me and I am ready to finish this week now. I haven't been able to call her to thank her yet, because I cry anytime I talk about it.

So Katie...if you read this before I call you...Thank you so much for being my "newest" friend.

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Katie said...

Now you're making me cry...thank you for the kind words and for being my friend!!!!!