Wednesday, January 27, 2010

John will be 18 months tomorrow and I just cannot believe it. I was going through some different bins that held stuff I have been putting in the new baby's room. I came across some newborn diapers that we didn't used and I had saved. I didn't realize how little they were...especially compared to the diapers John is in now (size 4). It makes me think..."where did these last 18 months go?" John has changed so much. He has gone from that little bundle of joy that just layed on our laps, to this little boy with so much personality and energy. Today he told Jewell (his babysitter) "poop" and he pointed to his diaper. Sure enough...he had pooped! She told Matt that she thought by Spring he would be ready to potty train. I have said in passing conversations about how great it would be to not have diapers on both kiddos...but to think that John could possibly be starting to get out of diapers by Summer time...almost makes me sad. I know that sounds crazy, but it is one more independence that he will have taken on...making him even more of my little boy rather than my little baby. I know I am rambling on...but these are my feelings tonight. It is so strange how parenthood changes you and makes you notice these little things.
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Whitney Richeson said...

I hear ya on that one. I came across one of Alivia's newborn diapers the other day and I couldn't believe how small they were. They grow so fast!