Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have started this book. I have read half the first chapter and I am amazed by it. It has already started to make me think how big and majestic God is indescribable. It's focus is on Lukewarm Christians. It was recommended by my wonderful friend Sarah. She said it changed her life. I already believe it.
I have two great friends that have agreed to do a book study on this book. I am excited to hear and see what the book might do in our lives. I am also excited for a night out with the girls each week.
This is one part of my life that I feel has been ignored since having a kiddo...being with the girls and getting fellowship that my mind and body truly needs. I have realized that it is very hard to balance a life of being a child of God, mom, wife, friend, teacher, student, and the various other roles that I play each day. But I have also learned that it needs be done, the balancing that is, because I start to feel an emptiness in my life and then things go out of whack. Unfortunately, my husband gets the brunt of it...poor guy. I sometimes get in the mind set that I can leave something out...but it just doesn't work. I am truly grateful for my wonderful girlfriends. I know that I don't tell them I just decided that I need to make sure that I let them know.


Miller Racing Family said...

Sounds like it is a great book.
I totally agree with you about the girls outings. I have a girlfriend that I eat with every Tuesday. We say it is Tuesday Therapy. It makes all the difference in the world just to get sometime with others going through the same things.
I have also learned that blogging is a good source of relating with other ladies. The best part is it is on your own time.
Have a fabulous day!

Sarah said...

we love you too! Keep on reading! God's reformation of my life through Francis' words is nothing short of a miracle! Enjoy!