Monday, January 4, 2010

Here's my little guy, who looks like he has gotten beat up. On the first day of 2010, John had quite the day. His accidents ranged from jumping on a piece of glass that goes in a picture frame (Matt was in the process of cleaning it) and cutting his foot (luckily only one cut and it wasn't bad), banging on the wall with a hammer because Matt was hanging pictures up, peeing all over our pillows without a diaper on, and slamming a door open which caused him to fall and hit his eye against the door frame. This all happened in one day! Today was his first day back at Jewell's (his babysitter) and when we picked him up, he had a knot right on his forehead! She said he was in the toy room, turned around and just ran smack into the door frame. Oh my! So our little guy has bruises all over his poor little face, along with a runny nose. He is a trooper though...still is running all over the place.

Update on the new baby...
I went to the doctor today. I am 30 weeks and 1 less the 70 days left! The baby's heart rate is in the upper 140's and is growing a great pace. He/She is a MOVER! He/She loves to move when I finally get comfortable, especially at night. The baby has been giving me heart burn, especially when I eat chocolate in the evening. I am truly convinced this little one is a boy...just my gut feeling. For names we are thinking of Jackson (if it is a boy) and then we have quite a list of girl names. Here are a few...Gracie, Greta, Jillian, Emmaline, Sophia. We are starting to get the new baby's room ready and I am getting more and more anxious each day. John is has started pointing to my belly and saying "baby". He has seen Matt talk to my belly, so he does the same thing. It is quite cute! I think he is going to be a fabulous big brother!
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Miller Racing Family said...

Aren't we so thankful that little boys are so tough. Trey seems to get bruises all the time and just laughs it off.
So happy for you and the new little bundle. We are also expecting and it is a girl. We were going to hold off on finding out but Trey was so dead sit on it being a girl that we wanted to have time to prepare him if need be. He tells everyone we are getting a trophy girl. We are playing a game on my blog this week, having the readers guess the babies name.
Congrats again and have a fabulous day!

Whitney Richeson said...

Ahh...what a tough little guy! Those are all wonderful names! So glad everything checked out well! :)