Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Break Day with Mom

Started with Starbucks (Mom got gifts cards from students!)

We went to Hobby Lobby to buy letters for John's room. I was going to decorate letters that spelled his name right after he was born...16 months later I am getting to it. John also said "Hobby Lobby"! It was more like "Obby, Obby". I'll post pictures when the letters are completed.

This is John after he woke up from his morning nap...not such a good mood!

BUT...he was better after a pudding snack!

I decided to do some last minute Christmas gifts.

I tried to cut John's hair and let's just didn't turn out. He ended up looking like the Dutch Boy on the paint can. So he got his first big boy hair cut at Fantastic Sams. He really didn't like it but he sat there very well and he got a sucker after it was all finished.

He looks so handsome! He really looks like a toddler now. We drove around with Daddy in the afternoon to deliver gift baskets for church.
Time for bed! He said "Elmo" and we watch Elmo before going to bed. We had the sweetest moment (John and I). I laid down by him and he just cuddled up to me to watch TV. It was precious. I love that kid!

A wonderful day!