Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little Problem Solver

Last night we had the Parents As Teachers visit. Our lady, Patty is the sweetest lady in the world. She was giving John the 15 month assessment. John was playing with a toy that she had brought. She then asked him if he would put a block in the bowl (this was part of the assessment). He looked up at her and simply said, "no". It was plain as day! She couldn't help but laugh. Come to find out he was the first 15 month old to say no on the assessment! We are so proud! The next question was if he could say more than Mama and Dada. She already had her answer. The next part was a problem solving assessment. She put cheerios in a small container. She showed John how to put them in and how to get them out by turning the jar upside down. She handed it to John and he put the cheerios in the jar. Then he tried to put his hand in the jar to get them out...this didn't he looked at it for a second. Then instead of turning it upside down, he tipped the jar to his mouth and had the cheerios fall into his mouth! He is a problem solver!! (and an eater!)

Love this kid!

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Whitney Richeson said...

LOVE IT!!! What a smart little kid!!! That reminds me of something Alivia will do at that age! I guess we will see!!