Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just got home from class and I need to be doing homework but instead I want to blog. I think my topic is John (what else is new?). Here are some things he has been doing that are so cute.
1. Waves bye bye to everyone and everything
2. Loves to turn on and off light switches
3. Loves to brush his teeth and when I say "Let's brush your teeth." he starts acting like he is doing it.
4. Meets me at the gate when he hears I am home from class.
5. Shakes his head no to everything.
6. Loves to get up in chairs...makes him feel big. He'll push you out of the chair if he thinks it is his.
7. Gets up into our dining room chairs and then onto the table.
8. Says "hot" to the oven and waves his hand.
9. Dances by stomping his feet
10. Says "baby", "horsie", "you stop" (even though i haven't heard that one but he said it to Jewell), "that"
11.Pulls down all of our DVDs
12. Is trying to figure out to climb up our book cases
13. Turns on and off the computer
14. When he hands you something he says "thank you"

Oh...once again...I love this little guy. I can't imagine what the next one will be like.

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