Thursday, September 10, 2009

Growing Up

Our little boy is Growing up. It is amazing all of the changes that we have been seeing. One thing that is not so good with the changes is the fit throwing. Our little boy has quite the temper (little red head). I must say that he does get it honestly from both his mom and dad. He does NOT like the word NO. I think he finally really knows what it means and it does not make him happy! However, he is so dog gone cute when he throws the fit. It takes everything Matt and I have to not just laugh. We usually turn our heads, fight the smiles and let him know it is not okay. We usually laugh about it once we have went to bed.
One of the neatest things that has happened in the last month is that he can communicate with us more. He points, shakes his head if he doesn't want something, tells us bye when he is ready to leave a room, drops food on the floor when he is finished, and other things. I love it! He also knows that the oven has hot things on it, so when he gets close to it, he shakes his hands and says "hot". So CUTE!

He loves trying to get in the rocking chair by himself. When he gets tired of trying, he looks over at us and points. We then know it is okay to lift him up and let him rock.

"I love playing ball. I can either do it by myself or with someone if they want to play with me!"

Standing and wondering what to get into next.

Tickling Mommy!


Bridget said...

Ooh, that last picture is totally a Matt Turnbough face! :)

Whitney Richeson said...

Too cute!! Good luck with the fit throwing..I am NOT looking forward to that but I bet it can be funny to watch at times.